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Understand what can cause the rotor of the electric motor lock

A very common problem that affects the electric motor is called short connection. Three causes can cause short the connection, and these causes are internal contamination of the electric motor, connection of overheating due to a bad contact or a failure in the insulating material.

But when the problem is short at the output of the electric motor or short groove in the groove problems are several and they are internal contamination of the electric motor; degradation of the material which makes the isolation is by drying, it may be caused by excess temperature; the failure may be in the enamel insulation, the insulating material in the coating failure, or even at rapid variations in power supply voltage.

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The electric motor rotor may also lock and so this may be due to a difficulty excess in electric motor starting may occur by high voltage drop, inertia and / or torque of the very high charge and, further, locking of the load axis.

AC electric motor can be easily found in centrifugal pumps

The AC electric motor is a device to be used as an engine for monoblock pump the brake motor type motor. This electric motor can be easily found on centrifugal pumps with one-piece assembly that requires standardized dimension.

As features, the electric motor has degree of protection IP55 and the bearings are sealed with V’Ring; carcases, in turn, were made of cast iron. This electric motor also has automatic drain; the power range from 1 to 100 hp and the insulation is in F class; the front bearing is fixed in the carcasses 90S 250 SM and the service factor is 1.15 in carcasses of 90S to 200L.

As an option, the electric motor features: frequency 50 Hz; degree of protection IP56 IP65 and IP66 PIW55; isolation in class F and class H and also with other voltage are heating resistor; cable glands. Terminal board; taconite labyrinth; bearings which are open; the stainless steel shaft and over the retainer.

Choosing the best electric motor

Understand the factors that interfere in choosing the best electric motor for a given application

The application of the electric motor is nothing more than choosing the right electric motor to machine type taking into account some features that are combined, yield, insulation, power factor, temperature rise, stress and degree of mechanical protection.

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To choose the best electric motor should be analyzed also the operating cost of the electric motor, its capacity in the power grid, the need for power factor correction, the required combined, the effects of inertia on load, whether or not to speed regulation and the environment.

The asynchronous electric motor cage can be used in most cases, but there are applications where the electric motor wound rotor rings and is the best implementation due to the starting of high inertia loads, the drive adjustable speeds, or even when you need to limit the inrush current and perform maintenance of the conjugate.

Aneel is driving industries owners to replace the old electric motor by the new electric motor

The National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) has developed a new front of action in order to move the switch from the old electric motor to an electric motor that is more modern and efficient, as well the electric motor will spend less energy and the result is that the country spends less and the company also.

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Who chooses to follow the recommendation of Aneel can be sure that the result of the replacement of the old electric motor by the new electric motor will bring increased productivity in the industrial sector with the lowest power consumption.

The account made by Aneel is that the electric motor spends about 30% of all electrical energy consumed in Brazil and it is for this reason that the replacement is the best measure for energy improvement in Brazil, as it will reduce spending and pro owner will generate higher profitability and lower expenses.

Losses in the electric motor

Losses in the electric motor should be limited by carrying out constant maintenance

The electric motor was developed to provide a nominal torque with a rated speed. Electrical or thermal losses will vary the electric motor according to the resistive torque to be smaller than the rated torque. If the electric motor torque is equal to or a little higher, the warming that will result will be rated as considerable.

However, an electric motor ZDM2332T¬†that is “sub-loaded” will have a significant drop in their income. The optimal loading of the electric motor must match the load of work to be done, but this is not always easy to specify.

When the work is required by the machine is activated with temporary overloads, the power of the electric motor should be higher than the power that is needed.

The losses that the electric motor undergoes should be limited by carrying out maintenance of both the electric motor as the mechanical components that perform the drive.

Learn about the parts that make up the electric motor rotor

In an electric motor, the two pieces that stand out are: the stator consisting of a set of elements that are fixed in the machine frame and the rotor has elements which are fixed around the shaft inside the stator.

The rotor electric motor is composed of the armature shaft is the part responsible for performing mechanical power transmission to the outside of the electric motor with a holder where the internal elements of the rotor and also for fixing the stator with the aid of bearings and bearings.

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The armature core integrating the electric motor comprises Fe-Si wafers that are have contact with each other; the axial grooves are on the periphery, because then the armature windings are installed.

The armature winding is on the electric motor consists of coils which are insulated from each other but are linked to the way electrical switch. Finally, the switch is nothing more than a ring having threads that are copper and are isolated from each other and operate in electric way when connected to the armature winding of the coils.

Electric motor efficiency

Electric motor efficiency is defined due to the efficiency that makes this transformation.

The electric motor has is due to absorption of the energy line and turns it into mechanical energy which is available on its axis. The electric motor M3464 avaliable efficiency is defined due to the efficiency that makes this transformation.

The electric motor efficiency is called the useful power to mechanical power available on the shaft and the power that is absorbed electric power of the electric motor that is taken from the network and thus the electric motor efficiency is the ratio between the two will be: the electric motor performance vary with the load and rotation.

There are two main ways to be certain the electric motor efficiency that is, direct and by adding the losses. The standard allows for the addition of losses and total losses.