Electric motor benefit

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There are several benefits to using the electric motor. Today it can meet the needs of various segments and always offering their overall benefits. Learn a little more about this machine and how it works, see also what are the existing types in the market.

The electric motor is responsible for the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy. Nowadays there are numerous processes and products that need mechanical energy to function and why they are using this engine to ensure that execution of simpler and more economically.


Currently, the main types of electric motors are three-phase and single-phase. The first is more suitable for more complex applications and the second suitable for simpler applications. It is very important that the customer review and find out which is the engine that he is looking for, so then he make the purchase of the same.

Cleaning is directly related to the life of the electric motor

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Routine cleaning and material removal of deposits must be done frequently, as well the electric motor will always be free of things that may come obstruct the electric motor cooling system avoiding the barriers block the passage of air into the engine electric.

Dirt, fibers, sawdust, mineral dust and other elements tend to become a barrier and thus the electric motor of the internal heat can not be dissipated, and the result will be an increase in temperature of the windings and so the life of the electric motor is reduced and increased energy will be considerable.

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Cleaning and periodic drying of the electric motor coils that are operating in polluted environments or stood still for a long time in humid environments should also be performed, as this prevents dirt and moisture from getting accumulated and so will cause deterioration of insulation of the electric motor.

Bearing damage can result in a hung or burned electric motor

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The standard 11390 of the NBR has three degrees of quality when it comes to electric motor balancing. These three levels are: N, R and S. These three degrees classify the electric motor as its dimensions and vibration severity limits the electric motor must be able to operate.

These limits are given when the engine is uncoupled and this means that there is actual operating conditions, the group will have its own level of vibration and still need to be aligned and when there is a possible imbalance that can be caused by residual masses They may be both present in the charge as the electric motor mro milter gears products.

There must be constant monitoring of the electric motor vibration levels, as this monitoring indicate what the actual conditions of the bearings as well as all the electric motor is operating. When the bearing is damaged, the result may be a hung or burned motor.

Isolation electric motor

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The insulation of the electric motor is a very important part and guarantees to the smooth operation of this machine. There are many factors that contribute to the electric motor continues to function properly and isolation is one of them. Typically, this process is stated to be done by professionals who understand the subject.

To measure the electric motor rexnord best prices insulation resistance hire a professional. The engine used to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy and for this it needs to be in good working order. You can learn to measure the insulation resistance even through tips that can be found through the internet with ease.

Care electric motors is a very important task and should always be done by qualified professionals to work in this business. Today there are already many people who are seeking professional qualification for working with electric motors, be sure to run after you too.

Meet all parts of the electric motor

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The electric motor armature is the part that turns on the machine and that armor has an axis of a core of armor that has steel plates with grooves and there is where the cops are also armature winding calls are located and more still switch which are fixed on the shaft and so there is formed a set of insulated copper sheets together and thus the electric motor can withstand high currents.

Since the stator or field coils is to make the magnetic field interacts with the armature. This part of the electric motor is still on the machine, it is mounted around the armature. The construction is with ferromagnetic material and is around a winding that has low power.

When the electric motor is large, this kind of electric motor vl3506 has interpoles to decrease the effect of the distortion of the magnetic field flow. The housing of the electric motor has plates which is set the field winding and the brushes lead by the switch to electricity.

Three-phase and single-phase electric motor

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Three-phase and single-phase electric motor suffers when there is excessive load on the tip of the permanent or temporary way axis

The single-phase electric motor and three-phase electric motor have a common problem of overheating burning of the main winding IP21 motor.

This problem affecting the electric motor may be caused by an excessive load on the shaft end may be placed permanently or even any way; the electric motor burning can also be caused by overvoltage or undervoltage the mains supply may suffer from periodic or permanently.

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Lighting cables which can be long or thin can also cause the electric motor burn. Furthermore, the erroneous connection of cables connecting the motor and the poor ventilation may also result in the electric motor burning.

The electric motor has a starting capacitor can present problems in the capacitor, the platinum or centrifugal or when the capacitor is constant, the electric motor may also suffer from the problem capacitor.

Electric motor should not be placed in locations where the temperature is below 20 degrees

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The viability of electric motor use should be analyzed taking into account the altitude at which the electric motor is installed and also the temperature of the cooling medium in which the electric motor will be.

When the electric motor electrical transformer low voltage is put to work in a place where the temperature is always below twenty degrees, the electric motor will present problems as excessive condensation and ice formation in the bearings.

When the electric motor suffers from excessive condensation, the electric motor should be subjected to an additional drain or an installation resistance to keep the heated electric motor, if it is to stay many days off.

In addition, the ice formation on the bearings will require special lubricants are used antifreeze or grease due to the hardening of grease and / or lubricant in the bearings.